Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tot School: Nov. 9-13

Tot School
E is 22 months

I am a little late in getting this post up and running, oh, well. Last week was much better for Tot School than the previous week. E was willing to try and work on some things, and mommy seemed to have more patience. (Thank you, Lord!) So, here is what we did last week!

Learning Toys/Trays:

I found a set of lacing beads in the dollar section at Target, and had to pick them up. We haven't done this since our farm theme. I'm so glad I got them out. These were a little bit harder since they didn't have a good "needle." I will be remedying that as soon as I find my duct tape!
Sorting pom-poms by color. E went through this so fast with two colors, that I pulled out another bowl and added a third. Her favorite part was pouring them back into the big bowl, and squishing them before she put them in the sorting bowls.

Puzzles, of course. A different one this week, though. I need new puzzles!
We also worked with our toolbox shape sorter. She did really well with this. I find it interesting that she does so well with the shape sorters, but gets so frustrated with puzzles. They are pretty much the same thing!
And E requested the rainbow rice this week, so I pulled it out on Friday for some fun with pouring. Mostly in the box.

Alphabet/Reading Basket:

We learned about the letter T this week! We made a letter T for triangles to hang on our fridge. My post about it is here.
We also had some friends over for our letter playdate. We read the story Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey and made hand and footprint turkeys. So cute! You can see that post here.
Our reading basket stayed the same with our counting books from last week.

Arts and Crafts:

We did our open-ended art project for the week, the theme was feathers. I just posted about that here.
We also did a lot of coloring this week. A LOT. I pulled out our big book coloring pages and left one out on her table for us to color on throughout the week.

Mommy's Favorite:

My little accessory queen

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