Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letter T is for Triangles!

We've been a little remiss with our letter of the week activities the past few weeks! But we are back today with letter T. E already knew this letter when I showed it to her. I swear, Leap Frog Letter Factory is AWESOME! I was trying to think of something fun for our fridge letter all week, and I finally came up with triangles.

I drew a capital letter T on a piece of construction paper and let E color it. She was not interested in coloring very much - she was excited to get gluing!
Then I cut out the letter T. I had a bunch of foam triangles cut out. I put some glue on the letter T,
and let her start gluing her triangles down. She ran out of room and wanted to stack some, so I just put a little extra glue down to help her out.
The finished project!
Stay tuned, tomorrow we are hosting our craft and story playdate for letter T - we're making turkeys!


Adriana said...

Love the Triangles "T." I could use this one because the word in Spanish also starts with a "T." Thanks for sharing!

Musical Mama said...

What is the word for triangle in spanish?