Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crafting and swapping, oh my!

I have become addicted to a new website. Two new websites, actually. First is, a wonderful craft website where I can get lots of new ideas and show off my work. The second is, for all my knitting projects. I love these websites! Recently I found craft swaps on craftster, and I am totally addicted. It's so much fun to make things for other people, and then receive surprises in the mail!

Recently I participated in a pincushion swap. This was good for me, because I do not have a pincushion. Or, I should say, I did not have a pincushion before this swap. I was partnered with youngmom, and she sent me the most beautiful, fun pincushion I could ever ask for!

When I received it, E happened to be wearing the same exact color of blue, and she really wanted to play with him. But youngmom also included a little Carebear pillow for her, which she really likes.

I made two smaller pincushions for youngmom, a cat, and a flower. The cat I am very proud of, because it's the first embroidery that I've done in a long time. Probably since I learned from my grandma way back when I was 10 or 11 or so. And the flower is just cool. The "stem" is a golf tee, and it fits in a spool of thread, so if you are hand-sewing something, you always have your pincushion close by!

Currently, I am in the process of a couple of new swaps. I'm in the Ongoing Wish Swap, which is really neat, because you put out a wish list of things you want, and people will make them for you. In previous rounds I've received neat cloth napkins for my kitchen, a tree of life pendant, scrapbooking supplies, and holiday cards. Yes, some of you received those cards from me for Christmas this year! I'm also signed up for the Inchies Swap, which I will post on sometime soon, and the Yarnie Scavenger Hunt Swap. I'm really excited for this one, what with my new love of knitting and yarn!

Enjoy the update!