Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

 E is 27 months old

I thought I'd write a Toddler Tuesday post this week instead of Tot School.   E did a lot of fine motor practice this week.

She sorted buttons by heart and square shape using tongs.

Stacked towers of different colored pegs - then we counted them and she knocked them down!

Sorted some Noah's Ark beads into their different shapes.

Put ladybug push pins into a styrofoam ball.

Practiced her scissor skills by cutting straws.

We also did some letter and number work this week.  E did her number puzzle.  It was so cute to hear her work.  "Where's the 2?  There it is!  4 goes here."   And so on.

E did a new letter activity this week.  I took her magnetic wooden letters and had her match them to the ocean animal alphabet cards I printed out.  She did great with it, and wanted to do it several times in a row.

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teachcooklove said...

I love the ocean alphabet cards! Where did you find them?