Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outdoor Challenge: Week 2

Here's what we've been doing in the great outdoors (or our backyard) this past week.  This is part of the Outdoor Challenge from 5 Orange Potatoes.

Wednesday we went out to swing.  Well, to push the swing.  E put rocks and stick in her swing and gave them a ride.

Thursday was a BEAUTIFUL day!  We played in the sandbox and ate ice cream outside.  And dripped some on the ants.  E stayed miraculously clean, even with her chocolate mustache and beard!

Friday was a park play day with some friends.  And I FORGOT my camera!!!  I wish I had brought it, E found some cute, fat robins and wanted to "pet them."  She spent a good 20 minutes chasing the birds around.  They never flew away, just ran out of reach of her.  I think they were looking for a treat.

Saturday and Sunday we worked in our backyard.  Grandpa came over and helped us plant two trees.  E decided she would help dig, too!

Monday was Grandma day, and while I was at work, they collected rocks and drew with sidewalk chalk on the patio.

And Tuesday, I finally got to work in my garden!  It's almost ready to go. 
Now I just have to get to work on the huge pile of weeds in the corner - that's going to be E's play area once we get it cleaned out.

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