Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outdoor Challenge, Week 1

We have had so much fun participating in the Outdoor Challenge through 5 Orange Potatoes.  I decided to do a weekly post on our outdoor fun, rather than trying to get a post written each day.

Thursday was a day at the park.  E loves to run across the bridges and go down the slide.  And of course, swinging is always her favorite!

Friday was a super fun day!  We spent the day in the mountains, took a hike to a lake (sort of), and got to see a lot of birds.
Here's the lake we went to see - umm, yeah, it's that thing under all the snow!  Note to self, wait until May to go hiking in the higher elevations, please!  Trekking through snow with a toddler on your back is not really all that fun!

Saturday, E spent the morning with Grandma.  They went for a walk and found some "pretty yellow flowers!"  I didn't get any pictures of the walk, but I did take one of the flowers E brought home for me!

Sunday, we took a walk at a pond near our house.  We got to see horses and touch some really soft leaves.

Monday was another Grandma day.  They had a lot of fun drawing with sidewalk chalk in the backyard and playing catch.

Tuesday, we went and bought a new sandbox.  It was horribly windy - my neighbor's fence got knocked down, our gate broke, and you can see in the picture what it did to our patio furniture!!  Needless to say, we didn't stay out long.

I think I'll put today's pictures with next week's post.  Anyhow, to see what more kids are doing outside this month, visit 5 Orange Potatoes.

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