Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letter J for Jellybeans

I love these projects I've been seeing for using leftover Easter candy in crafts.  I'm all for cutting down on the sugar consumption of the tykes. (as well as myself!)  I love the marshmallow easter egg over at No Time For Flashcards, and this week E and I are planning on doing some peep bunny pantings a la A Mommy's Adventures.  She doesn't know they're for eating yet.  Thank goodness!  But she does know that jellybeans are for eating.  And she got some in the eggs the Easter bunny left her at Grandma's house.  So we had a few friends over for our stories and crafts playdate and made letter J's for Jellybeans!

To go along with our letter J day, we read Jump, Frog, Jump by Robert Kalan, and had yummy J snacks, like juice, jelly donuts, jelly sandwiches, and jicama (we got a little adventurous!).

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