Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tot School Week 2

Tot School
E is 21 months

This was our second week of tot school. We are continuing with the farm theme, and E is really enjoying all the activities we've been working on.

Learning Toys:
We pulled a few more ideas from 1+1+1=1 for our trays this week. E has been working on several montessori-like activities, like:
transfering pom-poms from bucket to bucket with a spoon. She did not like this activity, she would much rather hold them and pet them. Ha! Having to use a spoon just frustrated her.

sorting yellow and purple pom-poms into separate containers.

pushing pasta into small holes. This activity was a big hit, we used it for three days straight!

We also continued using our animal matching cards from last week. I've found if I put fewer matches out, then E has a much easier time finding the matches and keeping interest in the game. We're working on 6 sets at a time.

Another game we tried this week was finding the objects hidden in the bowl of pasta. This was also a great activity, E just loves to play with pasta.

We had our playdate for Letter C and read some caterpillar stories. We also made a Letter C caterpillar to hang on our fridge. You can see my post about that here.

E helped me make carrot and pineapple muffins for our playdate. She has been quite the helper in the kitchen recently. She loves to help stir and pour when I'm baking, and the other day she breaded the fish for dinner (with mama's help, of course).

Theme - Farm:
We got a new toy this week, a set of Little People Building Blocks. We got the farm set and it came with a farmer, scarecrow (E's favorite), and chicken nest with eggs. We have had fun building towers with it, sometimes matching colors or shapes, but mostly just trying it out and playing around with it.

I printed off the farm totbook from 1+1+1=1 and we have started working on that. We read through the alphabet book, and did a few of the pages in the coloring book. I introduced the size cards to E and had her find the big tractor or the small tractor when I was holding up just two cards.

Another activity I printed from 1+1+1=1 was a matching page. I used velcro for the pieces once I had them laminated, and E had so much fun matching up the images and then ripping the velcro off to do it again.
Reading Basket:
Our reading basket this week was the same as last week.

We did go to storytime at the library this week and the theme was fall stories. E had a lot of fun, and I appreciated someone else reading her stories for a half hour!

Favorite Photos of the Week:Wearing Daddy's Shoes


Giggly Girls said...

She's too sweet!

That noodle activity looks like fun. And maybe it would keep my curious tot busy for more then 2 minutes so I could work with big sis. LOL

Musical Mama said...

It was very fun! I got a parmesan cheese shaker at the dollar store and this week she's working on the same thing, but with longer pasta. :)

Rebecca said...

My daughter would probably love that pasta activity. She liked putting spaghetti in a parm chs container, but i think she would enjoy this one more.