Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've Been a Busy Mama!

This is turning out to be such a busy week! I feel like I am still recuperating from cooking day back on Sunday! I have, however, gotten a few things done for E's totschool and arts and crafts time. I got a new color cartridge for my printer and I am back in business!

E's farm theme "totbook" (You can download it for free here) It has so many great activites; a coloring book, ABC book, a puzzle (probably too hard for E), size sequencing cards, a counting fold-out, matching/memory cards, and a match the front half and back half of the animal game:

Colored rice and orzo for arts and crafts, and pouring practice - once she gets a little better with the bigger pasta. Rice is a little harder to clean up when it's all in my carpet!:

In His Hands,

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