Monday, October 5, 2009

Butterfly Craft

We wrapped up Letter B with a butterfly craft this weekend. And this week we are starting Letter C with a caterpillar craft! I like things to flow . . . I'm just like that, I guess. I'm sure E doesn't care, she just likes to color and paint. Anyhow, here's what we did:

First, draw your butterfly body shape out on construction paper. E wanted blue and white paper today.

Let them color away. This was the first time E has used markers in about a month. I am amazed at how much better she does with them now! Last month she would only mark up her hands.
Cut out the butterfly body and add a smile if you didn't already.

Paint another piece of construction paper. Just go for it, it doesn't have to look like wings or anything. This was another first for E, using a paintbrush. She did really well!
Then she needed to use two paintbrushes, and finally she just wanted to "stir the water," so I figured we were done.
Let the painting dry.

Draw around the painting in a wing shape and cut out. Glue the body onto the wings and tape a pipe-cleaner antenna behind the head. Ta-da!!

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