Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainbow Rice Sensory Box

Tools For Tots

Sensory boxes are so much fun! I saw this idea on Pink & Green Mama, and I knew I had to try it!

You will need:
* a large "under the bed" plastic storage box - I think mine is 36 qts. or so, I got it at WalMart for $6.50
* rice - I used two 10 lb. bags
* food coloring
* rubbing alcohol
* gallon-size food storage bags

1. Separate the rice into 6 bags (or as many colors as you want).

2. Add a little rubbing alcohol to each bag.

3. Add food coloring to each bag. We decided to do primary and secondary colors. If you child is old enough, have them help put the food coloring in.

4. Seal bags and shake! Add more color, if necessary, to achieve your desired shade.

5. Pour rice out on waxed paper to dry. It will dry fairly quickly, but I like to give it a day for the alcohol smell to air out.

6. Put rice into the plastic storage container and let the kiddos have at it!

the first scoop!

pouring into a bowl

I couldn't stand it any longer - we had to mix the colors together!

the "aftermath" on my floor - wasn't too bad, actually

This is great for scooping and pouring! It would also be fun for hiding things inside to find (like an I-spy), or as an imagination play box with small toys. Check out Pink & Green Mama's ocean box, construction box, and farm box - those will be making an appearance at our house soon, I am sure!