Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft Corner: Embellished T-Shirts

Yes, these were a project for yet another swap over on Craftster! 10 tees for a cute cute little boy. And even more exciting, he and his mommy and family live only a few miles from me! Usually with these swaps, I'm mailing things across the country or even to another country entirely! It was so nice to be able to meet the little cutie that I made these for. We met up at McDonalds last Friday for chicken nuggets, playtime, and t-shirt trading.

Here they are!

First, the stenciled shirts:
dump truck, Level 1 Human (from Warcraft), the Black Pearl
Jack Skellington, NES controller

And the appliqued shirts:
squirrel, elephant, rocket
Mom tattoo, robot

And a closeup of the cute robot monster guy - I had to simplify this pattern a lot, the original used 23 different pieces! No way was I going to do that!
And now I am done with swapping for a while! I need to get going on Christmas gifts, and I have a stack of fabric to make jumpers for E. And I want to knit some socks, and E needs another pair of longies. And my sister needs help with a window seat cushion. And . . . . :P

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