Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Play: Building a City

Have I mentioned before how much I love thrift stores??  Oh, let me sing the praises of thrift stores!  I buy most of my clothes there, much of E's clothes as well.  And toys.  Well, toys can be tricky.  Because, usually, if a toy has been donated to the thrift stores around me, it's all loved up.  Dirty, sticky, broken.  And not to mention PLASTIC.  But sometimes I hit the jackpot.  This week, I found the neatest nesting blocks!  They are a city!!  Each block is a building in the town, from the large train station and garden center to the tiny ice cream parlor and phone booth.

E and I had fun this week putting together our city.  We used some of the cars from our train track and some wooden people and trees and put a whole town together.

I have noticed, at least for E at this age, that the process of building the city is much more fun than the play with it once it is built.  We had a grand time deciding where buildings should go and "planting" trees, but after that, she laid all the people on top of their houses, put them to sleep, and went off to other activities.

Happy Playing!


Anonymous said...

I love anything nesting, have bought Princess and my nephew nexting boxes for shape and number learning, and her special birthday present each year is a set of Rusiian nesting dolls.

These boxes look great, and I am sure they will be played with, rather than just "built" later on as well.

Narelle said...

I LOVE those blocks. What a score!

kathy said...

What a great buy/find. This toy is going to grow with her.. the imaginiative play... fun fun.. I think I need to visit a local thrift shop.

Muma Paparazzi said...

Great find...these are fantastic!