Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Book Basket

I have three gems to share with you today! 

First up, an old favorite.  Every week on Monday I ask E what kinds of books she wants to look for at the library.  We go to the library on Tuesdays.  This week she wanted pony stories and Elmer.  Elmer by David McKee is such a cute book.  Elmer doesn't look like all the other elephants and decides to paint himself elephant color to fit in.  E loves the last couple of pages where all the other elephants paint themselves up like Elmer!  Be on the lookout for a stART project soon using this book!

Another favorite this week was Inch by Inch  by Leo Lionni.  We love Lionni books at our house.  This one is about a clever inchworm who escapes being eaten by several different birds.  Inch by Inch was our book for our letter I playdate this week.  We made inchworm breadsticks for a snack and made our letter I for ice cream picture a la No Time For Flashcards.

E's favorite book this week was Sylvie by Jennifer Sattler.  This was a new one for us!  Sylvie the flamingo asks her mom why flamingos are pink.  Her mom tells her it's because of all the little pink shrimp they eat.  This gets Sylvie thinking . . . what if she ate something else?  E especially loved the page with the paisley swimming suit (of course). 

Do you have any favorite books to share this week?  Leave a comment!

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