Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting Ready

Tot School

E is 31 months old

I have been enjoying all the posts from those of you who are getting ready to start a new school year.  I am getting excited to start up again as well!  So even though you haven't read anything from me related to school work for a while, it's on the agenda.  I'm planning on giving E (and myself) the month off and we will be starting up again in September. 

I have been thinking about what to work on with E and planning out our school time.  Sometimes, I do think I enjoy the planning more than the executing.  OK, who am I kidding, I ALWAYS enjoy the planning.  Everything always works out perfectly in my imaginary dream planning world.  Not always so in real life!

 I'm hoping I can get E more interested in our Montessori materials - part of the reason why we're taking a nice break.  I loved having K for the summer and he sure loved coming to do his "work," but E had some difficulty with him being here.  She only wanted to do the materials he was working on - not her own - and he is a year and a half older than her.  So they are definitly in different places!  I'm hoping that we'll have a nice break this month and start in September with a clean slate.

Things I want to do with E this year (as far as preschool is concernced) are:

* continue with our Montessori work as much as she wants, setting aside at least 2 times a week to focus on it (but hopefully MUCH more!)

* utilize a "theme unit" twice a month or so.  We're going to start with apples in September, but I am planning for this to be child-led for the most part.  What we do for theme units around here is: lots of books about the subject, crafts, outings, games, and practical life and science works.

* continue with our letters of the week.  We don't really do one letter per week, it's more like two a month or so.  We'll finish uppercase and move to lowercase.  I want to use the Heavenly Homemaker's new ebook Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve along with this.

* learn by memory the prayer before meals, guardian angel prayer, and selected Bible verses.  The verses will probably go along with our letters of the week.

* get outside more!  I am pretty much an indoor kind of gal.  Unless there is something specific to do outside, I tend to stay in.  There is so much beautiful scenery and great parks around here, I want to visit at least one new park a week. (I guess that's not really preschool per se, but if I don't put it down somewhere, I won't hold myself to it!)

Happy new school year to everyone!


Forest Rose said...

Apples is a great start, that is how we started last september....we took the girls to an orchard and let them pick their own apples. It's actually the story behind the header on my blog...anyway now I'm rambling. Hope you have a blessed school year.

Pigs Do Fly said...

You've got some great supplies and a great plan!

Ambra said...

I too am a planner...but not always such a great executor! Planning is just so much FUN! :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

We are kind of doing the same thing...taking some much needed time from our regular schedule to do a more relaxed August.
Looks like you have a nice plan in mind for your family.
hope that you will pop by my blog and see what we are doing on our off times from Montessori, too.
Happy Monday!

Discovering Montessori said...

I am so excited about school this fall semester, your post got me a little more giddy. Your a lucky duck to have the geometic cabinet. Apples will be one of our topics this September. Have Fun !!

Our Family said...

I think that will be nice to start in September... it seems like you have a good plan in place. :)