Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Quick Question

I've been curious about E's language development recently.  She has her pronouns mixed up!  Instead of "I", when talking about herself she says "you."  And when she is talking to someone, that person is always "I" or "me." 

I understand where the confusion is coming from.  I am wondering how to correct it.  Or do I just ignore it and she'll figure it out eventually?  I have tried correcting her language, saying "Say "I" want a snack," or "Say, do you like pink, mommy?"  This just makes her mad!  She knows I understand what she's talking about!  I've also tried explaining to her (as much as you can explain to a 2 year old) that E is "I", and mommy and daddy are "you."

Any suggestions?  I'm not too worried about it at this point, more curious.  I do wonder if she will correct herself eventually, but she's so STUBBORN about it sometimes!


The girl who painted trees said...

My Bear ( did this too and outgrew it. My husband and I modeled a lot of correct pronoun use in front of her. It worried me but then she outgrew it wihout my even noticing.

Musical Mama said...

Thanks for the comment. I kind of figure she will outgrow it on her own, I think it comes from being so verbal so early! She started talking in sentences right away. But I definitely wonder about it, especially since she doesn't attend a preschool, where people would be confused. She knows WE understand what she's saying. :)