Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
E is 28 months old

This week's Tot School was kind of sporadic.  We attempted to continue our bird theme, but got a little sidetracked when our NEW MONTESSORI MATERIALS arrived!!!!  The rest of the week, I tried to interest E in some work that was already on our shelves while her schoolroom/our office was getting cleaned out and new shelves put in.

Tot School Work:

E made a flower with her M&D pattern blocks.  This one was done with no assistance from me.

She "wrote" a "story" with our magnetic alphabet.  She said the story was about a "cat and a bird."

She built a "forest" with the brackets for the new shelves.

She did a little bit of sorting work.

Montessori Work:

E started out with cylinder block #1 and worked with it over and over.  I showed her how I could use a blindfold with the work, and she insisted on wearing it, too.  Only when taking the pegs out, though.  :)

She also wanted me to show her the pink tower, so the next day I did a presentation on that.  We worked on finding the biggest block, and she got to knock them all down when she was done.

In the Kitchen:

I am trying to make time more often for E to help me in the kitchen.  She has her first chore - to clear the table after dinner!  She concentrates so hard when she is bringing me plates or glasses.  This week, we made cinnamon and sugar cookies (kind of like snickerdoodles) for a picnic.  E poured the ingredients in the mixing bowl:

She helped me mix everything together:

Then she rolled the dough in cinnamon and sugar and squashed them on the cookie sheet:

And finally, she got to eat one for a snack!


Kara said...

Hopped over here from Tot School ...

I love the pattern blocks and that forest from the brackets - such a visual :-)

And, can I just say how CUTE your daughter's wardrobe is? Really diggin' her style and lovin' the hat :-)

Have a great weekend!
Best wishes,Kara

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Great idea to use the blind fold - fun week!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I like the blind fold idea too! She is adorable!

Giggly Girls said...

She is just too cute!!!

She did a great job with her forest. I love to see what the tot's think up on their own.

Fiona said...

aaw she is so cute. I want some of those cylinders but can't find them in the UK without having to pay heaps of postage from the US

Musical Mama said...

Thanks for the comments! I think she's pretty cute, too. She definitely has her own sense of style, even at this young age!!

Fiona, I ordered my materials from Adena. I was curious, so I popped over there and put in the cylinders - it looked to me like the shipping was only 7 or 8 dollars more to go to the UK. Maybe check it out?? The stuff is HEAVY so it does take a bit to ship.

Dawn said...

Oh, she's too cute! I'm jealous of the cylinder blocks. Maybe next Christmas...which is FOREVER away...

I love how she's using the blindfold to remove the pegs. You have to start somewhere, right? :)

Susan said...

My daughter loves to help cook. I was so skeptical about doing it at the beginning, but since I started a few weeks ago, I have found she is pretty good in the kitchen. In addition to clearing the table, Sophie likes to put out the placemats and napkins too!