Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank You, Uncle Sam

I am so excited, we got our tax refund, and today I am ordering my Montessori materials!  I have pared down my list a little bit and I think I know exactly what I am getting, but if anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them!

Basically, I am buying what I will need for E's first year of primary.  There are several things I am planning on making, as well.  On my list is:

Red Rods
Pink Tower
Brown Stair
Cylinder Blocks
Knobless Cylinders

Geometric Cabinet and cards
Geometric Solids

Lowercase Sandpaper Letters - print
Moveable Alphabet - should I get the large or the small??

Sandpaper Numbers
Spindle Box

Is there anything I'm forgetting?  I'm planning on making things like the color boxes, sound and scent boxes, dressing frames, etc.

My dad is coming over soon to help build shelves on one wall in our office.  That, combined with the bookshelves we already have for tot school, an old nightstand, and her little table and chairs set will make a wonderful schoolroom.  We have decided to put all her school things in the office and to keep the playroom separate for now.  I had nightmares about friends coming over and destroying our materials by accident!!  We will still have our computer desk in the office, but other than that it will be just E's work room.  I will be sure to take some pictures and share once everything arrives and I have it all set up. 

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