Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Book Love

Last weekend my mom, my sister, and I went to a huge used book sale at the library.  We went on Sunday - you get a bag of books for $4!  As many as you can stuff into the bag.  LOVE sales like that!!  No Montessori books for me, but I did pick up a few fiction titles to keep me busy, and I found some real gems for E.

In The Beginning by Steve Turner is a BEAUTIFUL book about creation with gorgeous artwork!

Counting God's Creatures by Jan Mecklenburg is super cute and has all sorts of "critters" in it.

What is a Flower by Jenifer W. Day is a good picture dictionary of common plants and flowers.

Rain by Robert Kalan has interesting pictures - the raindrops are the word RAIN repeated over and over.  It goes through colors and ends with a rainbow.

Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward is a cute book about a troublemaker cat.  No . . . we don't have any of those at our house.  Not us!

We also picked up In My Town by Richard Scarry, because E and Daddy both have a thing for Lowly Worm.  And I found some really neat Planet Earth "animals of the air" flashcards - they look like they were from the dollar spot at Target.  I wonder if I can find any more sets - these are AWESOME!!

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