Monday, January 4, 2010


One of E's favorite toys are her playsilks. I'm definitely a Montessori mama - I haven't done much research into Waldorf, but these silks are so beautiful and offer such a variety of creative play that I am hooked. I even dyed some myself for E's birthday this year.

I bought the plain white silk handkerchiefs from Dharma Trading Company. They had so many sizes to choose from - I got 4 medium-ish ones and 2 larger ones. And because I was a new customer, they gave me a small one for free!

I looked around and around on the web for quick, easy, and beautiful silk dying directions. I opted for the more quick and easy as opposed to the most beautiful, and I think mine came out quite beautiful themselves, anyways.

I ended up using Kool-Aid to dye the silks. Wow - makes you think twice (or three or four times) before drinking any more of that! The silks dyed such vibrant colors!!

Here's what I did:
1. soak the silk in hot tap water for about 20 minutes.
2. pour in a couple good glugs of plain white vinegar.
3. add the Kool-Aid - I used three pouches per silk.
4. stir carefully for about 5 minutes.
5. microwave in the bowl for 2 minutes, rest for 2 minutes.
6. repeat 3 more times for a total of 4.
7. let silk sit in the bowl until the water turns clear. Give it a good bit of time. No rush.
8. rinse in cold water and hang to dry.

E already had a blue silk and an orange one, dyed beautifully by a fellow swapper on Craftster. I used lemon-lime to make a lime green silk, cherry for red, grape for purple, yellow food dye for yellow, and I made a dark green with one packet of blue Kool-Aid and green food dye.

I tried to do pink with strawberry, but it did not turn out pink, just red. So I added orange to it and made it a brilliant red-orange color. I used 2 strawberry and 2 blue packets to make a lavender silk. I didn't stir it quite long enough, so it has patches of blue and red in it along with the purple, which I love!

E loved opening the present and finding her new silks. And yes, that is baby wrapping paper. I need to use it up, and I ran out of happy birthday.

Silks are so much fun to throw up in the air! And one of the few toys where throwing is allowed!

And it's really fun to cover up Daddy with them!

I even left the little one white. She balled it up in her hand, gave it to me, and announced it was a snowball. Best snowball ever!

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Nadia@FunWithMama said...

i ordered silk scarves but i need to get down to doing this.. thank you for letting me know which colors you used to get red and green! i am gonna do this soon...