Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Acts of Reading

I came across Random Acts of Reading today and thought, what a great idea! Basically, Random Acts of Reading is like a toy drop. You pair a book and an activity together, and put it somewhere in your community for someone to find, take home, and enjoy! Laura, the blogger behind this idea, is trying to collectively make 2, 010 book drops this year. She has provided labels for you to download as well as posts about her book packs she has made for drops. I love that she links to the places she got the activities from, as well. That way I can use them with my munchkin as well!

I think this is awesome, and I can't wait to try a book drop in my community. I'm making a goal to try to do one a month.

Spread the love of reading with your community! Practice Random Acts of Reading!!

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