Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Play: Playsilks

E has been playing a lot of dress-up lately!  We don't really have a dress-up wardrobe, though.  I'm working on it, gathering hats and accessories on my garage sale and thrift store days.  We do have several playsilks that I dyed for E for her birthday last year.  Honestly, I think I like these better than dress-up.  Every morning, E brings me a silk and asks for a swimming suit, underwear, a skirt, a dress, a hat, whatever.  I tie it on for her in the appropriate place, and she's off for the morning, happy as a clam!
This outfit consisted of a red dress, purple shawl, and yellow head kerchief
She loves these so much, I am considering dying several more to play with, and maybe even some really long ones to cover the unfinished ceiling in our basement playroom.  I'd love to learn how to tie dye them!  *hint, hint, Missy!*


Anonymous said...

We bought some lovely crushed scarves for $3 at Christmas time, and do the same thing. Yesterday Princess headed off to the library with one wrapped around her and another threaded through her dress straps. With her crown on she was a Fairy Princess, floating and fluttering every step of the way! LOL

Anonymous said...

We've got lots of scarves that my girls love playing with. We scored some great scraps of silk from an offcuts basket at the op shop, was fabulous :)

Montessori For Learning said...

These are great ideas. My girls love using items such as these to create their own fashions. They have been known to fashion evening dresses from the tissue paper found in gift bags.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

We love our scarf collection too, though they are not proper play silks but a number of silk scarves which my Mum used to wear. All in good fun :)