Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter A is for Advent

I can't seem to find an inexpensive Advent wreath anywhere! I am having a hard time even finding purple candles! So to celebrate the season of Advent this year, E and I are doing a couple of crafts. First, we needed a new fridge letter, since our Triangle T has been up since before Thanksgiving, so we made this cute Advent wreath with letter A's as the candles. I don't have in progress shots for this one, a final product photo will have to work for ya!

I had E color 3 letter A's purple (I helped a little, she wanted to color her hands and face instead), and one letter A pink. Well, sort of, I didn't have a pink washable marker, so she colored red over an A on pink paper. Having washable markers at this point is ESSENTIAL.

E colored a green oval with red and green and brown (her choices!) for our wreath.

While she napped, I cut out all the pieces, and when she woke up, she helped me glue them all down on a piece of black construction paper.

Then, I cut out a "flame" from yellow craft foam and double-stick taped it to the first letter A "candle." I guess, since it's Sunday, I need to get another candle "lit!"

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