Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craft Corner: Advent Calendar

I love Advent calendars! We had one when I was little that was a chimney with Santa coming down it. Inside the chimney were little boxes, one for each day. And inside each box was a fun activity my mother had planned for us all to do together. I am so excited about sharing this tradition with E. My only problem is that I have no Advent calendar! Well, it was a problem. I remedied it last night.

I saw these beautiful Christmas countdown envelopes at Blue Cricket Design, and I thought they would be just perfect for what I want. Something simple, beautiful, and that I already have the supplies for!

Here's my version. Instead of using library envelopes, I just cut the flaps off some regular letter envelopes I had laying around.

Each envelope contains a note with something fun for our family to do together. E was so excited to pull the note out of the envelope this morning and have me read it.

Once we discover what our Advent activity is for the day, I hang the notes on a string in our dining room. It looks a little silly now with just two, but once we get a few more, it will start looking really cool, I promise!

What do you do to help celebrate the Advent season?

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