Friday, January 14, 2011

Reading Challenge Week 1

Ok.  I got the pictures fixed on yesterday's school post, so if you want to see our Tomten critters set up, go take a look at it.  I'll wait here for you.  :)

Here's our reading challenge for this week!  I've decided to only "review" books that we really liked and read throughout the week.  If I wrote about every book we checked out from the library, I'd never finish!

The Tomten
1. The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren.  I LOVED this book.  I will say it was a bit wordy for my just-turned-three-year-old.  The story is about a little gnome-like creature called the Tomten, who visits all the animals on the farm in the nighttime.  It is winter and he reminds them that soon it will be spring, winter won't last forever.  If you take a look at yesterday's post you can see what we did with this book for our preschool time.  E really liked it when I got out the props.  I'm going to have to remember to do things like that more often.  It really helped her remember the order of the story!

Little Cloud (Picture Puffins)
2. Little Cloud by Eric Carle.  I'm sure many of you have read this book before, I'm not sure why we're just getting to it now!  Little Cloud changes into the shape of many things: a rabbit, a tree, an airplane.  I think I'll be keeping this book for another week and doing an art project or two with it.  I'm thinking shaving cream!  Messy and fun, yes, indeed.

Goldie and the Three Bears
3. Goldie and the Three Bears by Diane Stanley.  E is on a Goldilocks kick right now.  We read a really neat version last week, and I forgot to write it down.  I'll have to find it and share.  Anyhow.  Goldie is a little girl who knows exactly what she likes, and what she doesn't.  Sound like anyone you know??  Yup, me too.  Goldie has a hard time making friends, because they are all "too boring," "too snobby," or "too rough."  One day the school bus drops her off at the wrong house and she goes inside to call her mom.  It is the Three Bears' house, and you can guess what happens next . . . 

 The Sleepy Owl
4. The Sleepy Owl by Marcus Pfister.  We really enjoy all the books we've read by Marcus Pfister.  The Sleepy Owl was no exception.  Little Owl oversleeps and when she wakes up, all her friends are already flown away.  She flies to a house to find someone to play with and wakes up a little boy.  They try to figure out how to be friends when Little Owl is awake at night and the little boy is awake in the day.  It's a cute story and I love the watercolor illustrations.r

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