Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Montessori Monday

I'm still having internet issues, so Montessori Monday is up on Tuesday.  Oh, well.  The issues probably won't get resolved until August, so bear with me!  This week, I had one stubborn 2 1/2 year old and one 3 1/2 year old monkey in school.  Isn't that fun?!?  E is reacting, I think, to the fact that I am spending time working with K instead of solely with her.  And K just has a fantastic imagination.  This week he pretended to be Curious George.  He did work, and worked well for the most part - just pretended to be a monkey the whole time!  I am debating on whether I should run with this, and create a few monkey works for him - how about a monkey/ape sorting activity - or downplay the whole thing so he doesn't get out of hand. 

E worked on geometric solids.  She worked on matching them to their face cards again.  I finally got around to getting the cards from Montessori for Everyone, so hopefully we can work with those this week.  E really likes the ovoid shape.  She put everything else away, but wanted to carry that one around to do her other work.

I presented the circle and rectangle drawers from the geometric cabinet to E.  She enjoyed them and wanted to do more drawers, so I guess I know what's on the agenda for this week!

K worked with the yellow and green cylinders, matching them up together.

I also presented the brown stair to him.

Practical Life:
E and K both got to cut bananas for snack.

K's favorite activity is STILL sorting the fruit!

We did a little spooning and pouring, I think I need to change out those activities so they'll be more interested.

Both kids have been interested in the sandpaper letters and alphabet drawers.  And I've been scouring my home, trying to find small objects to put into the alphabet drawers!  I had K do a sort between two drawers, then of course E wanted to do it too!  I do have a few more drawers available now, so that made it more fun.  They loved finding new objects!

K worked with sandpaper letters and the sand tray.  He loves this and wants to do the whole alphabet!!  I think I'll start him on some more pre-reading skills, and pull out the moveable alphabet for him.

K worked more with the counting sticks.  He asked me to make more for the rest of the numbers. (Mine only go to 5).  I don't think more stones will fit on the sticks, so I guess it's time for cards and counters!

E loves to work with the sandpaper numbers.  She traces them (sometimes even correctly!) and names them.  Sometimes we work on putting them all in order.  She wants to be like K and write the numbers in the sand tray, but usually we just end up making shapes and pictures instead.


The Sunshine Crew said...

Cool works for your little ones.Checked out your blog post through Montessori Monday.
My sons love making snacks.
My younger one loves doing sorting work, and counting work too. Hope that you will pop by my blog...
Have a nice week,

Nicole said...

Thanks for linking up! Looks like you guys had a great week. Whenever Short Pants wants to do a lot of pretending while working, I try to strike a balance btw. squashing it and encouraging it. Usually when he wants to pretend it means that it's time to bring out more movement and sensorial works - but that's just us!

Amy said...

I'm glad I got to visit your blog and thanks for the award! Looks like you're all so happily busy. May I ask where you got your geometric cabinet? We don't have one yet. The one you have looks a good one.

Musical Mama said...

Hi Amy! I got all of my materials from Adena. The geometric cabinet is not perfect, but it is just fine for us. There are some flaws in the paint and most of the knobs had broken off in transit. Nothing a little super glue couldn't fix!

Leptir said...

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