Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion Friday

I haven't been participating in a whole lot of blog memes recently, but I couldn't pass this one up this week.  It's Fashion Friday!!  And here is what our little model is sporting this week:


A blue hat pulled from the "to go to charity" pile, Mommy's armwarmers, a too-small dress over khakis and a tshirt, Mommy's black dress shoes, and a seed-bead necklace that is probably as tall as she is.  (And a pout, but I'm sure you got that one.  Something about not being able to watch Elmo . . . )  Anyhow, all this on, and she says "E is dressed up like Mommy!"  Ha!  I certainly hope I can put myself together a little better than this . . . .

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Felicia said...

That is so cute!