Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Butterflies for Spring

Well, technically, it is finally spring.  You wouldn't know it by the forcast, we're supposed to get about a foot or so of snow this evening.  E wanted to do a "craft project," and I've been wanting to give these a go with her.  I'm sure you've seen them all over blogland.

 Basically, you take a coffee filter and color it with a marker.  I had some pastel markers lying around so we used those.  Then you spritz it with water and let the colors run together.  We finished them by pinching their middles and securing them with a clothespin. 

Then, I clipped them to our Lenten centerpiece (sticks with purple tulle wrapped around them).  A bit of spring color for our kitchen!

This centerpiece will turn into an Easter tree for Easter Sunday morning, complete with sparkly eggs and E's Easter basket. 

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Char said...

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