Saturday, September 26, 2009

We're starting Tot School!

Hello again, everyone!

Next week we are starting . . . .

Tot School

I am very excited to be starting some early learning activities with E. The Catholic school in our area does not have a preschool, and all the early learning schools in our area just cost too darn much! I know E is little, but she already knows all of her basic colors, can count to three (and understand what she's doing), and can recognize the letters A, B, and E. So, we are going to take some of the ideas from Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and run with them!

We went to some garage sales on Friday, and I scored on a Melissa and Doug castle set for E. I was going to put it away for Christmas or her birthday, but after I saw her playing with it, I had to keep it out. We'll see about putting it away later for her.

First, she made the king walk "up the stairs,"

And then the king and his knight had a conversation:

Our castle even has it's own dragon!!

Next week I hope to blog about the tot school activities we have been working on throughout the week. We have also been doing a bi-weekly playdate with our friends centered around a letter of the week. This week was the letter B! E and I made a letter B bumblebee to put on our fridge inspired by this post at No Time For Flashcards. Then, when our friends came over we made bats out of feather boas, cardstock, and google eyes. I would post a picture of it, as it was super cute, but it has since been destroyed by too much love.

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