Thursday, November 3, 2011

Afternoon Activities: Rainbow Rice

The weather is getting colder again and we are looking for more things to do inside.  I have started a new routine this last week or so.  I get E settled down for a bit of quiet time in her room (no more naps now, so sad!), then clean up the kitchen from lunch and set out an activity for her before I take an afternoon break for myself.  When E gets up from quiet time, she has something to occupy her for a bit and we can make the transition to playtime outdoors or in the playroom a little easier.

Last week one of our afternoon activities was our tub of rainbow rice.  I have posted about it before here.  It is so easy to make!  For this activity, I put a few metal scoops and some cardboard tubes of different lengths in with the rice, along with a bowl or two.  We had fun pouring the rice down the tubes and into the bowls, standing the tubes up in the rice and filling them up, and digging around with the scoops.  E wants to do this activity again, but next time she wants to build a slide for the rice with the tubes that will stand alone.

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