Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whew! The Holidays are Over!

Whew! What a crazy couple of months! Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, but between that and E's first birthday, it has been super busy and crazy around here! Here's an update for all of you (finally)!

First up, Christmas!

I think E had a pretty good first Christmas. As is typical for almost-one-year-olds, she was way more interested in the wrapping and tissue paper than the actual presents, but that's ok. :) She got quite a lot of presents! We're going to have to watch it, or she will become one very spoiled little girl - oh, wait, she already is! E loved all her presents, once the exciting wrapping paper was taken away, but she just received the most exciting gift about a week ago! Great-grandpa made her a toybox!! I am way more excited than she is, because now when she goes to bed, I don't have to look at toys all over the floor anymore! It has her name on it, and on the side, there is a plaque that says made by Great-grandpa T. Even though she didn't get it at Christmas (the varnish was still drying), she did get to play in it!

Then, at the beginning of January, it was E's FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Oh, my goodness, is she 1 already!!! So, what does one do for the momentous occasion? We make a rocking horse birthday cake, of course! Which is apparently the same cake that was made for me on my first birthday. Awww . . . how special! This is E stealing some of the frosting off of her cake!

I made her some apple/pumpkin cupcakes that didn't have so much sugar in them. Man, did she ever go to town! She ate the whole darn thing!! I didn't know her stomach was that big!!

By this time, E had gotten the hang of opening presents, and she was happy to help me! She was spoiled once again. :) She loves everything. We have to rotate things so she doesn't get overwhelmed with too many toys, but hey, that's what the toybox is for!

More later, I'm sure! I hope you are all having a very happy and healthy New Year!